MOKA Featured on Viewpoint

MOKA was recently chosen to collaborate with the acclaimed television show, Viewpoint, hosted by actor Dennis Quaid. The resulting episode sheds light on the transformative impact of care and compassion in improving communities and empowering those with disabilities, highlights MOKA’s work in fostering positive change within communities and explores how MOKA’s innovative approach is making a profound difference, touching the lives of people with disabilities, and bringing a positive ripple effect on the entire community.

Creating inclusive communities is beneficial for both people with disabilities as well as the community around them. We are excited to have this unique opportunity to share why our mission is so important and how much potential for growth and prosperity there is when communities commit to inclusion.”

Tracey Hamlet, MOKA Executive Director

MOKA has long been at the forefront of advocating for inclusivity and equality, enabling people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to lead fulfilling and independent lives. By collaborating with Viewpoint, MOKA aims to reach a broader audience and inspire people, communities, and organizations to join hands in creating a more caring and compassionate society for all.

The episode was distributed to over 170 Public Television stations nationwide through April 2025!  View the Viewpoint video.