The Employment First State Leadership Mentoring Program, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, is coordinated by the State of Michigan Developmental Disabilities Council. Incompass Michigan is pleased to be part of the this grant and to be one of only two states that have included  service providers in the grant process. The Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) Technical Assistance Grant is geared toward progress in the transformation of service providers  to a business model that emphasizes competitive, integrated employment. Provider participants worked with the subject matter experts (SMEs) on identifying reporting goals and a baseline for demonstrating whether progress is being made, organizational plans, and  staff training.  The three primary focus areas have been Provider Transformation, Rate and Reimbursement Restructuring, and Capacity Building.  An additional element of the grant focused on transition services.

The links will connect you to a Provider Transformation Self Analysis tool developed by SME Genni Sasnett; there is also a compilation of the landscape reports generated by all subject matter experts who worked with Michigan during FY 15.

ODEP Provider Self Analysis Worksheet (PDF)

Provider Transformation Manual (PDF)

Staff Recruitment, Retention and Motivation (PDF)

Strategies to Improve Partnerships with Families Webinar

Negotiating Rates with Managed Care Entities and Advocating for Effective and Sustainable Services Webinar

Tools for Building Meaningful Lives The Positive Personal Profile (PDF)

Positive Personal Profile Template (DOCX)

Tools for Building Meaningful Lives The Life Skills Assessment (PDF)

Life Skills Assessment Template (XLSX)