Incompass Michigan is the statewide network of mission driven organizations promoting community access and inclusion for people with disabilities and other barriers.

Incompass Michigan members help thousands of residents all across Michigan to live, work, and play in the community.

Incompass Michigan Members Serve:

  • Individuals with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities
  • Individuals with Mental Illness
  • Individuals with Physical Disabilities
  • Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Individuals with Substance Use Disorders
  • Unemployed or Underemployed
  • Veterans
  • Individuals who are Homeless or Experiencing Chronic Poverty
  • At Risk Youth
  • Children and Families
  • Seniors
  • Returning Citizens

Incompass Michigan Members provide a wide array of Services and Supports, including:

Employment Services, Job Placement, Job Coaching, Business Services, Skill Building, Self Employment and Micro-Enterprise Development, School-To-Work Transition, Mental Health Services, Supports Coordination, Autism Supports, Peer Mentoring, Community Living Supports, Residential, Transportation, Arts and Recreation, Clubhouse, Respite Care, and more!

We Believe In:

  • The capability of every person
  • Informed choice
  • Unlimited opportunities
  • Integrity and stewardship
  • Collaboration and partnership
  • Continuous improvement

Core Purpose:

To support our members in successfully achieving their mission.


A forum for innovative ideas and best practices leading to diverse, inclusive communities with optimal levels of independence and quality of life.