Leadership Academy

Preparing Individuals for Leadership Roles

Designed for individuals employed by Incompass Michigan Organizational Members who have the desire and ambition to advance in our industry. The Academy builds a rich cohort of participants diverse in geography, area of program responsibility, and career development – inclusive of individuals ready to make the leap to senior leadership now, and those in the earlier stages of their leadership journey.

Class limited to 20 participants. 2024-2025 registration will open late summer 2024.


  • To enhance the leadership, communication, strategic planning, interpersonal, and managerial skills of high potential employees within our industry.
  • To prepare the next generation of leaders to guide our industry into the future through innovation, collaboration, and leadership.
  • To build a network of professional relationships among current and future leaders.
  • To promote career satisfaction and recognize career potential of senior staff.
  • To promote life-long learning and professional development.

The program also has a mentoring component that facilitates a relationship between each Academy participant and a CEO or member of upper management from another Incompass Michigan member organization – for one-on-one discussion, guidance, advice, and opportunities to learn how the subject matter addressed in the classroom is applied in the working world.


The Incompass Michigan Leadership Academy is a professional development program targeting employees who demonstrate leadership potential, commitment to the future of our industry, and a strong drive to achieve greater levels of responsibility. The Leadership Academy is Incompass Michigan’s commitment to, and investment in, the development of future leaders with high potential to positively impact future industry growth and success.

2023-2024 Curriculum

Full participation in all sessions is required for graduation from the program.

Leadership Skills
  • Sandy Harvey, Exodus Consulting Group
Finance and Accounting
  • Kristine Doran, Inland Plywood
Allyship at Work
  • Laurie Morse-Dell, Incompass Michigan
Non-profit Governance and Board Relations
  • Cherie Johnson, MMI
Legislative Advocacy
  • Sandi Jones, MHSA
Strategic Planning and Organizational Culture
  • Dennis Blender, Blender Consulting Group
Graduation Ceremony (Optional)
  • Held at the 2024 Incompass Michigan Leadership Conference

Leadership Academy Graduates

These individuals have successfully completed the requirements for graduation from the Leadership Academy, and Incompass Michigan is proud to recognize them as alumni.

Names and organizations are reflective at the time of graduation, some may have changed since.

* Individuals marked with an asterisk have advanced to serve in C-Suite level roles.

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