Michigan’s Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Transition Toolkit

Developed by MALA, Incompass Michigan, and CMH Association
Tool kit version as of: December 15, 2017

This tool kit, developed by the Michigan Assisted Living Association (MALA), Incompass Michigan, and the Community Mental Health Association of Michigan (CMH Association), is designed to assist residential and non-residential providers, CMHs, and PIHPs in making the changes required by Michigan’s Home and Community Based Services Transition plan.

To use this toolkit

This tool kit captures the most relevant documents, related to Michigan’s HCBS transition and a range of readiness tools for use by HCBS stakeholders. Note that some of the documents are still under development by MDHHS, CMS, LARA, or other parties. As these documents are finalized, they will be added to this tool kit which will be sent, as an updated tool kit, by MALA, Incompass Michigan, and the CMH Association, to their members.

Michigan’s HCBS Transition website

Michigan’s HCBS Transition Plan: See Revised Statewide Transition Plan on MDHHS HCBS Transition website. Heightened scrutiny pages of transition plan (pages 112-120 in the “Revised Statewide Transition Plan” on MDHHS HCBS Transition website).

MDHHS Technical Guide: See MDHHS technical guide 3.17

MDHHS Medicaid HCBS bulletin 17-42 This proposed bulletin is out for public comments.

2017 PCP guidelines

Notification letter template

Corrective Action Plan template

Residential services readiness tool: See HCBS Provider Readiness Tool – Residential Settings on the MDHHS HCBS Transition website.

Non-residential readiness tool

MDHHS/LARA Joint Guidance Document

Summary of Resident Rights

New Provider Provisional Approval Documents

MDHHS new HCBS provider requirements

MDHHS new HCBS provider – residential survey

New HCBS provider – non-residential survey

Heightened scrutiny process resources:

HCBS Heightened Scrutiny Flowchart:  Isolation

HCBS Heighted Scruitny Flowchart: Instution

HCBS Heightened Scrutiny Process

Consumer, family, and community educational resources all available through the Developmental Disabilities Institute at Wayne State University website

HCBS fact sheet (one page handout)

HCBS beneficiary booklet

Powerpoint slides for use with families: Family Final powerpoint slides.pdf

HCBS Leads from each PIHP

HCBS Provider Readiness Tool – Residential Settings