Beginning with the 2018 renewal cycle, all Michigan Health Professionals are required to participate in training involving Human Trafficking for License renewal. Licensed Professional Counselors will be required to provide documentation of training completion beginning in 2019. The modules covered in this workshop will meet all of the state’s criteria for training while also providing valuable resources and contact information.

In this workshop, Dr. Jeremy Norwood will provide professionals in the counseling, healthcare, and social work fields substantive training regarding the issue of human trafficking and how it relates to their areas of practice. In response to the rise in the number of cases of human trafficking which have been reported around the state of Michigan, the Michigan legislature has required all counseling professionals to receive training on the topic of human trafficking. Specific areas to be covered include the scope and magnitude of human trafficking, how human trafficking is defined, the types and venues of human trafficking in Michigan, the causes and indicators of human trafficking, potential warning signs of human trafficking, and resources to report potential cases of human trafficking.

June 21, 2018

Peckham Inc
3510 Capital City Blvd, Lansing, MI 48906-2102


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