Incompass Michigan Is pleased to host a Webinar Series addressing the DSP Staffing Crisis.

All sessions will be 10am EST

April 1, 2020

Title– Putting out the fire: Damage control through prioritizing your agency’s workforce needs

This session will focus on identifying which workforce needs that require immediate attention.  Attendees will explore the components of an agency-level comprehensive workforce plan and prioritize which strategies can be addressed first.  In addition, attendees will learn about conducting a small scale- environmental assessment to better identify workable strategies within an agency.

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April 15, 2020

Title– Applying prevention and planning strategies to your agency’s workforce issues

This session assist agency leadership in developing concrete action strategies for their workforce priorities (from session one).  In an environment of competing and sometimes conflicting priorities, attendees will also examine how to navigate system level challenges while still moving agency level workforce goals ahead.  Examples of small- and large-scale agency level approaches will be discussed.

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April 29, 2020

Title–Building a stronger house for the future:  Exploring best practices and pathways forward

This session will assist attendees in creating a cooperative vision of success for all employees by characterizing and celebrating workforce “wins.” Examples of workforce strategies and best practices from other agencies and states will be shared including; building career pathways for direct support staff, mobilizing others for advocacy, strengthening education partnerships, and communicating workforce needs in the public space.

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